To me, As this is my first time participating in Week in the Life, I noticed I pay more attention to those details in my life.

Even thought those are the routines for everyday life. I am still amazed about how thinks can still be so interesting, only if I think of and look at it differently.

This project is, indeed fun while I am doing it. I might challenge myself to do this more often in the future. ^^

第一次玩Week in the Life (紀錄一週生活大小事),我的感想是:即使是生活中每天要做的瑣事,都會在你的紀錄中呈現不同的面向,其實人生何嘗不是處處是風景呢,只要我們靜下心來欣賞和體會,每個人的生活都不會是無聊的或是千篇一律的啊.


光圈。印象。和手作 Live the life I love

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  • 對呀,我也好喜歡檸檬做的卡片喔 風格很清新 簡潔 超愛~~

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