You rule card  

This might the most simple card that I've ever made. It's a Father's day card for my fab FIL. Love both my in laws a lot. ^^

Ruler washi tape from Freckled Fawn and both of the Alphabet stickers are from Studio Calico. Both of them are my favs.

這應該是我出道以來做過最簡單的卡片了吧, 一個印章都沒有蓋到唷. ^^

這是美國父親節的時候,做給公公的父親節卡片,公婆生活一向簡單慢活,所以做給他們的卡片也不宜太複雜. 呵呵

尺的紙膠帶是在Freckled Fawn 買的

英文字母貼紙則是Studio Calico的 兩個都是我的愛店


光圈。印象。和手作 Live the life I love

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