As this is the first year I am aparticipating. Eventhought I also tarted my Project Life in the end of last year. I decided not to take too much time to journal.

I used a lot of my new favs-Washi tape as a label for title & time.

今年為了慶祝我去年的不順和身體狀況,我開始了project life.我挑戰自己每天至少拍一張照片,然後作成一大張12X12的生活紀錄.

喜歡的朋友可以參考這個網站 目前我還是很用心的在拍照,寫下自己的心情和自己對話,更有趣的是:因為手作,我今年認識了更多有趣和有才華的朋友 (大心)


光圈。印象。和手作 Live the life I love

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