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2012.Project Life Week 23/生活紀錄第23週 No question about it. I am still doing project life and still love it a lot. I did noticed that ever since I started A photo a day and project life at the same time. I am taking way more photos than just 1 a day. I also noticed some of the photos I already took them, but they still look different. The angle, lighting ...etc. Very interesting.

去年年底和生活紀錄同時間,我開始了每天拍一張照片,但是我現在發現我的2頁生活紀錄很多照片都擺不下,因為我真的不只一天拍一張,同時我也有注意到我雖然拍了同樣的照片,但是看起還是有很不一樣的感覺,我想找個時間再想想該怎麼編排. ^^

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