Washi card 

Are you a big Washi Tape fan too? Ever since I started use my first roll of Washi tape. I am hooked. I use Washi for every single project (from scrapbooking, card making and day planner...etc) that I am working on.

Super fun and so convenient. I created this card using washi as a background and punch a hole to show my stamp (love this stamp so much ^^), then I finished with some baker's twin to go through the hole. Is it easy, but so much fun?


今天為大家示範用紙膠帶裝飾卡片,只要有印章、紙膠帶數捲、剪刀一支、Punch 一枚就可以了,我先用紙膠帶當成背景來裝飾卡片,然後把印章蓋在卡片裡面(我是把印章蓋在用打洞器打好的圓形上面)用Punch 打個洞,最後我還用了Baker's Twine繞著打好的洞來裝飾一下卡片。有空大家也可以試一下!


Washi card-2 

I also cut a notch from my wahsi to decorate this piece where I stamped.


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